Best Grill Cleaning Tools

In the never-ending quest for the perfect barbecue, you need the best grill cleaning tools to keep your BBQ equipment spotless and ready for the next cookout. A clean grill ensures your food is free of residue and bacteria. At Char-Broil®, we help grillers find the best tools to keep their grills clean.

Our grill cleaning tools stand the test of time by delivering superior performance. Cleaning the grill grates after every meal will help prevent food from sticking. It also removes charred remains that can affect the taste of your next meal.We recommend you clean your grill’s interior once a month and your exterior as often as needed.

What do I need to clean my grill?



Your owner’s manual

Char-Broil Eco-Safe Stainless Steel grill cleaner

Aluminum foil

A quality grill brush

Garden hose

Soap and water solution

High-temperature cooking oil

Premium Nylon Grill Brush
Cool-Clean 360 Brush

You won’t find a better grill brush out there than the Cool-Clean 360 Brush. It’s 360° design allows you to get in all of those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Its ceramic-infused bristles take on the toughest grease and grime. Like the Premium Nylon Brush, it’s designed to use on cool grill grates.

It’s 10 times more durable than your average brush. Look for the red bristles where Char-Broil products are sold.

Cleanout Tool

Keep the cook chamber of your grill or smoker clean with our Cleanout Tool. Its shovel design makes removing charcoal and wood chips a breeze. It’s a great addition to any grill master’s tool box.

Biodegradable Grill Cleaning Spray

Grill cleaning spray is a great tool for cleaning unheated grill grates, shelves, cart frames, castings and windows. Our Biodegradable Grill Cleaning Spray is an environmentally friendly way to keep your grill spotless and protect the outdoors from the harmful chemicals often found in other cleaners.

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