Charcoal vs. Propane

In the great debate over charcoal vs. propane grills, it’s hard to choose a side. Each type of grill has its merits, and sometimes it simply comes down to a matter of taste. Learn the facts about grills and fuels, then pick the one that’s best for you.

Three things to consider when choosing BBQ fuel.


Let’s face it. The most important factor for evaluating grills is the flavor of the food cooked on them. The truth is, you can produce great tasting food on a charcoal or a propane grill. The aroma and taste will be different for each. It’s really just a matter of preference, and you can’t go wrong either way.


Talk to any propane griller and the first thing you’ll hear about is the ease of use from prep to clean up. Gas grills fire up with the push of a button and heat up in just minutes. You can easily control the temperature by adjusting the gas dials. Cleaning up is as simple as brushing off the grates.Charcoal grills require a little more finesse. You’ll need to stack the charcoal (or use a chimney starter, light them up and let them burn until they reach cooking temperature. Cleanup is a little more involved — you’ll have to dispose of the ashes each time you use the grill.


If you want a quick, easy way to make a meal in a hurry with minimal start-up and clean-up but still want the unmatched experience of cooking food outside, then a propane grill is for you.If you cherish your time spent outdoors keeping vigil while the coals heat and tending the fire as the meat cooks, then a charcoal grill belongs in your backyard.

Or, if you want the best of both worlds...

Try hybrid

The Char-Broil® Gas2Coal Hybrid Grill starts as a classic 3-burner gas grill, but can convert to a charcoal grill in just 3 easy steps. All you have to do is:

1. Remove the grates and put the charcoal tray into the grill.

Fill the tray with charcoal and replace the grates.

Press the electric igniter and let the gas burners light the charcoal.

In 10-15 minutes, your coals will be ready. Switch off the burners and let the charcoal do the rest. The patented charcoal tray reduces flare-ups and ensures efficient, even heating.

No tools. No lighter fluid. Just the delicious taste of charcoal without the hassle.

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