How to Clean Your Gas Grill

We get it. No one looks forward to cleaning a grill. But taking the time for a quick scrub down will make your grill last longer and your food taste better. Plus, a sparkling surface induces grill envy in neighbors, and who doesn’t want that?


You should clean the interior of your grill once month. Exteriors don’t need to be cleaned as often, but we find it’s easier to go ahead and clean the interior and exterior all at once.


Let’s talk tools. You will need:

  • Newspapers
  • Your grill assembly manual
  • Char-Broil grill cleaner
  • Aluminum foil
  • Scrub brush, wire brush, flexible brush. Check out Char-Broil’s site for those accessories.
  • A garden hose
  • Soap and warm water solution
  • High Temperature cooking oil

Start by cleaning the interior. You’re going to have to disassemble your grill to thoroughly clean it, so you can either refer to your assembly manual or—our favorite tip—use your camera or smart phone to take pictures of the order and placement of parts for easy reassembly. You can find your assembly manual on


 To begin, spread newspapers or a tarp over your work area.

Then, make sure the gas is off at both the control knobs and the propane tank or natural gas source.


Start by removing the grids and flame tamers or vaporizer bar. Disconnect the igniter wires and wrap them in aluminum foil for their protection. Now you can easily and safely remove the burner.


Use Char-Broil grill cleaner and scour the interior of the grill top and bottom castings with a scrub brush. When the accumulation of smoke and grease is gone, rinse the pieces with water, then air dry.


Use a burner cleaning rod, you can find those on, unclog any debris in the holes of your burner ports. When the ports get clogged, the propane can’t flow to heat and cook your food.

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