How to Cook Grouper on the Grill

Learn how to cook grouper on the grill, and you will have simple, delicious meals all year round. These recipes and tips will help you grill grouper that will wow your family and guests.

Basic Steps for Cooking Grouper on the Grill


Start by preheating, cleaning and oiling your grill.


Season your grouper. Salt, pepper, herbs, seasonings and spices are best. Trying a marinade? Thinner fillets can be fully marinated in under an hour, but a thicker cut can require up to three hours.


Set up your grill with two cooking zones. One side should be set to a high temperature (400°F) while the other side should be cool. If the side with direct heat gets too hot, move the fish to the cooler side.


Grouper is delicate, so find a long and flexible spatula for the job.


Refrain from moving the fish around once it’s on the grill. Once one side is properly cooked, the fillet will release itself and will be ready to flip. Grouper can take 4-7.5 minutes a side (8-15 minutes total) to cook, depending on the thickness of the fillet. Use a meat thermometer to ensure the fish is cooked to a minimum internal temperature of 145°F.


If given the choice, cook your grouper on a gas grill or infrared grill for the benefit of even heat and temperature control.

Choosing the Right Fish

Grouper is just one of many types of fish that can be grilled.

When grilling fish, one thing to keep in mind is density. The denser the fish, the easier it will be to grill. There are four other prime candidates to consider:

- Salmon
- Cod
- Mahi-Mahi
- Tuna

Grilling grouper, or any type of fish, is a healthy way to add protein to your diet. It pairs great with grilled vegetables, a well-balanced, colorful meal.

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