How to Use a Meat Thermometer

How to Use a Meat Thermometer

Food safety is key to enjoying grilled meats. Especially if you like rarer meats or cook a lot of poultry.  The guesswork out of eyeballing your meat to see if it’s done by using a digital meat thermometer.


Where to Put the Thermometer


Keep it in the Meat
Insert the thermometer into the meat for around 15 seconds up to the indicator mark on the device.


Steaks, Roasts and Other Thick Meats
Insert the tip into the thickest part or the center, away from bone and fat.


Ground Meat
Insert the thermometer into thickest area.


Thinner Slices of Meat
Place the tip in the meat sideways.


Place it in breast area, but not touching bone.

Tip: Never touch the bones with your thermometer--it can alter the temperature, making the reading inaccurate.
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