Replacement Vents for Charcoal Grills

Are your charcoal grill vents not working properly? If not, it will be hard to control the temperature as you cook. Find the right replacement vents at Char-Broil®. We've got the new parts you need for all of our grills and smokers — vents, dampers, grates and more. Check out our selection of replacement parts today and get your grill fixed up in time for your next cookout.


Easily Find Charcoal Grill Replacement Parts at Char-Broil

Clogged grill vents can make a charcoal grill difficult to start. Char-Broil has replacement parts for our grills, including charcoal grill vents, or "dampers."

Here are some of the replacement parts we offer for our charcoal grills:



replacement charcoal grill vents char-broil damper

Porcelain Grate


Ash Pan

replacement charcoal grill vents char-broil ash pan


The Importance of Vents for Charcoal Grills

All charcoal grills have vents located on the top or bottom of the grill to help control the internal temperature as you cook. There are a couple of types of vents. Here's how they are used:


Intake Damper

This vent is used to feed oxygen to your charcoal, which in turn fuels the fire. The more open this vent is, the hotter the fire and the higher the temperature. Close it down to extinguish the fire completely.


Exhaust Damper

This vent helps pulls oxygen through the intake damper while allowing smoke and heat to leave the grill, like an exhaust pipe on a car. Always keep it at least partially open to allow the "combustion gases" to escape and keep your fire going.


Give Your Charcoal Grill New Life

Don't abandon your trusty, reliable charcoal grill. Give it a little TLC instead. Whether you're looking for vents, ash trays, grates or more, Char-Broil has the replacement parts you need.

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