Top 10 Best Recipes for Smoked Chicken

There are so many different ways to prepare smoked chicken.  Whether it’s spicy Jamaican jerk, tangy southern BBQ, or sweet thai-asian fusion, you can bet any flavor profile will taste great with the added taste of smoke.  Try all of these variations of smoked chicken from Char-Broil's top 10 list of all time favorite smoked chicken recipes.


Hardwood Smoked Beer Can Chicken

This is the recipe of smoked chicken legend.  Known for its simple preparation and fun presentation, this time tested recipe can’t be beat and it’s perfect for tailgating, summer cookouts, or a fun weeknight dinner.


Char-Broil Easy Cherry Smoked Chicken

Here is another simple smoked chicken recipe prepared on the grill.  Using the Infrared technology of the Grill Infusion Cooker, this chicken smokes on the grill in no time with delicious cherry wood flavor.


Smoked Chicken Breast with Caramelized Onions

Make delicious slow smoked chicken breast that finishes by roasting in a skillet with sweet caramelized onions.  This chicken is deliciously moist with unforgettable flavor.


Maple Sriracha Smoked Chicken Quarters

Try kicking your smoked chicken up a notch with sweet maple syrup and spicy thai chili sauce.  Smoked chicken quarters only take about 2 hours to smoke, giving you flavorful smoked chicken in no time.


The Best Smoked Chicken Wings Ever (5 spice Smoked Chicken Wings Recipe)

These asian-inspired chicken wings are coated with a combination of spices traditional in asian cooking.  Notes of cinnamon, cloves, and pepper bring this smoked chicken to life.


Jamaican Jerk Smoked Chicken Thighs

Caribbean style chicken thighs means smoked chicken with spicy Jamaican jerk rub.  Throw these chicken thighs in the smoker for an easy recipe with authentic island taste.


Classic BBQ Smoked Chicken Legs

BBQ without smoke is like macaroni without cheese- one just isn’t complete without the other.  Use your favorite BBQ rub and sauce to layer on delicious BBQ flavor for this classic smoked chicken leg recipe.


Sunny Orange Ginger Smoked Chicken Drumsticks

Chicken drumsticks are petite cuts perfect for parties or casual dinners with friends.  Mix up a generous batch of this orange ginger glaze- you’ll definitely want to have extra!


Sassy Sue Smoked Chicken Salad

Transform leftover smoked chicken into a creamy chicken salad with hints of sweet apples and crunchy pecans.  We’ll show you how.


Oodles of Noodles Homemade Smoked Chicken Soup

Don’t let any of your smoked chicken go to waste.  Create homemade chicken stock to use as a base in this rustic chicken noodle soup.  Complete with carrots, onions, and pulled smoked chicken, this soup is comfort in a bowl for anytime of the year.

All of these great recipes can be prepared using any of Char-Broil’s smokers.  Visit our products page to find your dream smoker today.  Or check out the community page for more articles like our Top Five Favorite Digital Electric Smoker Recipes.
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