What Type of Grill Grates Are Best?

If you’re looking for better performance from your grill, replacing your grates is a much more cost-efficient option than buying a whole new grill. It can be said that the food is only as good as the grates that it’s cooked on. So how do you know what type of grate is best for your grill? It depends on your personal preference. Here are qualities of the best grill grates.

Types of Grill Grates & Their Benefits



Cast iron grates hold a lot of heat and transfer it to the meat efficiently.


Stainless Steel.

As with most other stainless steel items, these grates are built to last. Quality ones won’t rust or corrode and you’ll get years of use out of them. Plus, stainless steel is easy to clean.


Porcelain, or Porcelain-coated.

Porcelain grates allow for better heat distribution and therefore make for more evenly cooked meat. They don’t rust and are a snap to clean.

Once you select your new grill grates, make sure that you clean and maintain them.
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