How to Season your Char-Broil® Precision Flame® Infrared Grill

Just like a cast iron skillet, the stainless steel grates in the PrecisionFlame Infrared cooking system will need to be seasoned prior to use. This is important as it will optimize cooking performance, make cleaning easier, and inhibit rusting.

While the grill is cold, coat all surfaces of the PrecisionFlame grates with a high heat cooking oil, such as Canola or Peanut oil.

When seasoning, it’s easiest to use an oil filled spray bottle, however you must wipe down the PrecisionFlame grates with a cloth or paper towel after spraying to ensure an even coat.

Ignite your grill and let it heat up for 15 minutes – or until the oil burns off and stops smoking. The shiny stainless steel finish on the grates and emitter should now have a dark brown or bronze color. Your grill is now seasoned and you are ready to cook.

The more you use your PrecisionFlame Infrared gas grill the better it will cook. The darker - more seasoned the cooking grates become, the hotter and the more evenly it will perform.

Applying a light coat of vegetable oil after each use will help keep the stainless steel surfaces seasoned and maintain their dark brown finish.