Top 10 Ways to Make Your Friends Have “Grill Envy”

If you’re reading this, you’re likely a serious griller. And, while you may not be one of those people to “Keep up with the Jones’s’ – when it comes to your grill, you have to admit, you like to show off a little and don’t even mind if your guests are a little green with grill envy. Here are some ways to make them a little greener…

  1. Go Infrared. Infrared heat used to be an expensive technology reserved only the most prominent chefs. But now, infrared has become a buzz word for outdoor cooking enthusiasts. It’s readily available and cost is no longer out of reach. TRU-Infrared grills provide juicier food, no flare ups, more even heat, faster cooking times, less fuel use and a wide temperature range.
  2. Make your own BBQ sauce. This is an easy way to wow your guests. No store bought stuff for you. They’ll be impressed when you baste those ribs with a homemade, mouth-watering sauce. There are lots of easy recipes out there. Experiment with a few and then make sure to write down your favorite one. You’ll keep your friends coming back for more.    
  3. Turn your grill into a pizzeria. Host an Italian night. Grab a pizza stone, some dough and get going. You can provide a range of pizza toppings and get everyone involved. It’s fun and delicious too.
  4. Add some chips. Turn your grill into a smoker. It’s easier than you may think. Simply add some wood chips to complement the flavor of your food. Try apple with pork or chicken; cherry with steak; or maple with some vegetables.
  5. Walk the plank. Fish is easy to grill when you plank it. And, you can serve it that way too. Try some salmon or cod.
  6.  Get the tools. You’ve got the grill, now get the tools. There are so many cool grilling tools accessories available. You can experiment with skewers, rotisseries, grilling baskets and more.  
  7. Get inspired. If you need some new ideas for some great recipes to wow your friends, cookbooks can inspire you. Go online or head to your local bookstore.
  8. Look the part. The old phrase, “Dress for success” holds true for grilling too. If you’re going to show off your grill skills, protect your clothes and have some fun. Find an apron with a funny message – it’ll be a good conversation starter too.
  9. Maintain the grill. A clean grill can easily make a sloppy griller turn a little green.  It doesn’t take much time, but it makes a big difference. It also helps to extend the life of your grill.  Clean it inside and out.
  10. Start a collection. Whether you have a small space, or large space, most serious grillers know – you can never have too many grills. Does that sound like you? So, why not start up a little collection? That‘ll really put you on the map!