Mesh Cooking Bags
Mesh Cooking Bags

Model # 6499447R06
Char-Broil® Mesh Grilling Bags make grilling vegetables, shrimp or other delicate foods a snap. Simply fill the bag, snap it shut and lay it on the grates. You can season your food before loading it into the bag or after it’s loaded through the permeable mesh material. Heat and steam retained by the bag cook your food faster than grilling it on the grates while keeping it moist and tender. Flip the bag and all its contents in one easy motion with no worries about losing pieces. When your food is ready, easily empty the contents from this nonstick bag and load it into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


Mesh Cooking Bags

Key Features
  • MATERIAL: Non-stick, PTFE coated mesh for heat resistance and durability
  • SIZE: 12 inches long, large enough for 3 cups chopped pieces or 1-pound shrimp
  • FEATURE: Contains food for easier flipping and removal
  • CAUTION: Bag will be hot after cooking. Use high-temp grilling gloves or tongs to flip and remove from grill
  • CLEANING: Dishwasher safe for easy clean-up

Model #6499447R06



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