Top 10 Must-Have Grilling Items

Grilling can be addictive. And, it’s easy to understand why. There’s just something about cooking outdoors that makes eating that much more fun. So, whether you’re a seasonal griller who prefers to sear on hot summer days, or a die-hard griller who enjoys warming up with a grilled ribeye while the snowflakes gently fall, in addition to a great grill, there are some other essential tools of the trade.      

  1. Tongs. This is one of the most important tools. Make sure to get ones that are not too short or too long. If they are too long, you will lose control of grabbing the food. If they are too short, you could burn your arm.  
  2. Spatula. Make sure you get one that can easily slide under food to lift and turn. Some spatulas are multipurpose and even have bottle openers and serrated edges for cutting. 
  3. Grill Fork. These will make it easier for you to move your food around your grill. Just do it gently.
  4. Grill basting brush. Use this to brush on your favorite marinade or sauce.
  5. Thermometer. Grilling food to USDA-recommended temperatures is important for your food safety. Digital ones work well and there is a wide array to choose from on the market. Large dial ones will also take remove any guesswork. 
  6. Grill mitt. Some people prefer grill mitts with individual fingers, others prefer without. No matter your preference, if the mitt fits wear it to protect yourself from high heat. 
  7. Grill cleaning brush. A clean grill is a happy grill. Brass bristles are good for cleaning porcelain or iron grates. Stainless steel bristles will stand up to tough scouring.
  8. Cooking stone. Make it pizza night with a cooking stone. Get a crispy crust just like at your local pizzeria.  
  9. Grill mat. Grill mats will protect your deck or patio from grilling spills.
  10. Grill cover. These come in all shapes and sizes based on your grill choice. You’ve made the investment in the grill, so now make sure to cover it up. It’s worth it.  Get a universal fit or a custom cover. The choice is yours.

Now you are well armed and ready to head outside to the grill. There are also many grill sets available, if you prefer to bundle up your purchases. Happy grilling!