How to Submit New Product Solutions to Char-Broil

Do you have an invention that addresses a consumer need or substantially advances consumer satisfaction with our products? If your invention relates to our area of interest, we would like to hear from you. Because it is important for Char-Broil to keep its innovation pipeline full of new products and ideas, we make strategic investments in areas that address our consumers’ needs.

If you have a patent or published patent application in the area of interest as outlined below please review the following criteria and submit your new product idea by following the “Solution Sender” link below. Please note that:

  • We only accept submissions in areas that we have expressed an interest in or have issued a specific challenge. We will not consider technology submissions that relate to subject matter that we have not requested (also referred to as ‘unsolicited ideas’).
  • We will only consider using an invention if it is patented or if it is patent pending and the application has been published.


Areas of Interest

We are currently interested in inventions in the general field of “outdoor cooking” including…

  1. Appliances and systems (Grills, Smokers, Roasters, etc.)
  2. Accessory items and devices (Rotisseries, Sideburners, Warmers , etc.)
  3. Service, maintenance and repair items
  4. Tools and utensils
  5. Covers and protective materials and systems
  6. Energy efficiency, sustainability and environmental impact.

 Solution Sender