Non-Stick Grill Basket
Non-Stick Grill Basket

Model # 5759343
Keep your grilled favorites from falling through the cracks. This non-stick grilling basket is ideal for grilling poultry, fish, steaks, chops and vegetables. It comes with locking lid too, so your food won’t fall when you flip it, and the non-stick surface makes cleaning up a snap.


Non-Stick Grill Basket

Key Features
  • MATERIAL: Stainless steel basket
  • SIZE: At 11 Inches wide, the Non-Stick Grill Basket holds vegetables, kebabas, fish and more
  • FEATURES: Locking lid to keep food in place, great for grilling vegetables and small foods
  • CLEANING: Non-stick for easy cleanup
  • RECOMMENDED: Fits most grills

Model #5759343

Additional Specifications

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