Smoked Beef Brisket Recipe

Smoked Beef Brisket Recipe

40 mins
10 hrs

Crank up the grill to get that just smoked flavor. These step-by-step instructions will guide you to your best smoked beef brisket at your next barbecue.


For the Brisket

  • 12-15 pound whole "packer" brisket, fat cap trimmed to 1/4 inch or less
  • 32 ounce beef stock (divided)
  • 2 tablespoons beef base (aka Better than Boullion)
  • 1/2 cup beef rub

Additional Items

  • 1 meat syringe
  • 2 sheets aluminum foil, 18 x 24 inches
  • Food-safe squirt bottle or misting bottle


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Inject the brisket with one and a half cups of beef stock. Pour the stock into a separate bowl so you don’t cross contaminate the rest of the stock. Inject with the grain in spots every inch or so across the brisket.
Slather the brisket with the beef base and then season the brisket with the beef rub on all sides. Wrap with plastic wrap and keep refrigerated until ready to cook.
Set up your grill for indirect heat at a temperature of 275°F to 325°F. Add your choice of smoke wood to the coals and wait for the smoke to become thin or even clear.
Place your brisket on the side opposite of the coal and wood. I prefer to have the fat cap facing down. Close the lid and smoke until the brisket is done - this will be in the neighborhood of 7 to 10 hours but can be even longer. Don’t worry when the brisket seems to stall at 160-170°F. It will eventually get through that plateau. Reload coals and wood as needed, about every 3 to 4 hours with the 780.
Put one cup of beef stock in the misting bottle and spritz the brisket about once an hour.
Once the brisket is very dark, probably about 5 to 6 hours into the cook, wrap it in foil. Cup the foil as shown and pour in stock around the brisket. Seal the foil tightly and put it back onto the grill.
When the brisket hits an internal temperature of 200°F, carefully open the foil pack and perform the skewer test (see How To Know Your Brisket is Done). If not tender yet, reseal the foil and let cook another 15 minutes and then re-test.
When done, reseal the foil and place the brisket in a towel lined, warm cooler. Hold for at least one hour and up to 4 hours.
Open the foil and reserve the juices. Slice the brisket and serve. As soon as you slice the brisket, you will want to get it in a pan of the warm juices from the foil pack. This will keep them warm and moist.
Hot Tip
Slice the brisket flat against the grain.
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