3x360 Grill Brush
SAFER 3x360 Grill Brush

Model # 7659879R06

The Char-Broil® SAFER 3x360 Grill Brush is safer than economy metal-wire bristle brushes for cleaning your grill. This innovative brush features three rows of red, grit-infused nylon bristles that are tested to 15,000 cycles with no breakage or fallout. And its 360° design makes it easy to reach almost every corner. Use it to clean cool grates, helping your grill last longer.


SAFER 3x360 Grill Brush

Key Features
  • MATERIAL: Bright red, nylon bristles are 5X thicker for high visibility
  • FEATURE: 360° design with three rows of bristles to clean almost every corner of your grill with a hook for hanging when not in use
  • DURABLE: Laboratory-tested to 15,000 cycles with no breakage or fallout for durability
  • CLEANING: Cleans quickly and comprehensively. Grit-infused bristles for increased cleaning ability (no metal)
  • RECOMMENDED: Can be used on all grill types, Safe for Porcelain, Ceramic, Infrared, etc.
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Model #7659879R06



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