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Can I use an extension cord?

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For best performance, we do not recommend using an extension cord. If you must use an extension cord,  for your safety, use the following:

• Use only outdoor type with 3 prong grounding plug.

• Rated for 15 amperes or more

• Approved by UL

• Marked with a W-A and a tag stating “Suitable for Use with Outdoor Appliance”.

• Use the shortest length extension cord required. Do not connect 2 or more extension cords together.

• A 12 or 14 gauge extension cord of 50 ft. or less is acceptable.

• Do not use 16 or 18 gauge extension cords. Damage to household wiring and/or fire could result.

• Keep connections dry and off of the ground.

• Do not let cord hang over edge of table top or other items where it can be pulled by children or tripped over.