Water smoker not working

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Water smoker not working


Check these things if your water smoker isn't working. If there are any issues with the element or thermostat that item will need to be replaced.

Element Issues

1. Check for fissures or cracks in the coating of the element surface, replace if damaged or broken.

2. Check the seals at the connection to the thermostat for damage, replace if damaged or broken.

3. Make sure the element is not touching any metal surfaces


1. Check the cord for damage

2. Check the connection to the element

3. The light should come on when plugged in and go off when the grill reaches the selected temperature. The light should then cycle on and off as the grill maintains the selected temperature.


Bullet smokers are very sensitive to external conditions, particularly wind. The smoker should be positioned away from breezes and top should not be opened and closed too often or loss of heat will occur.