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  • Smokin' BBQ Ribs

    The Char-Broil Rib Rack is perfect for an evenly-cooked rack of ribs. Ribs are “done” when they reach an internal temperature of 145, but it’s when the collagen and fat melts away around 190 degrees that ribs find their “fall off the bone” happy place. Low and slow is always the way to go, and don’t forget to baste as you go.

  • 4 Simple Steps to Make Baby Back Ribs

    Baby back ribs are a favorite of mine, because they get the highest compliment rating for the least amount of work. For you acronym junkies, that’s a high CAW rating (Compliment to Amount of Work). Yes, I just made that up, but maybe someday, recipes the world over will include a little graph noting its CAW rating.

    Here are the 4 simple steps to remember:

    Rip ‘em

    Rub ‘em

    Rack ‘em

    Regulate ‘em

    Simple. You only have to remember four R’s.

  • How to Smoke Ribs in an Electric Smoker

    Easily smoke ribs in an electric smoker. Simply set the smoker to 225 degrees Fahrenheit, and use the 3-2-1 method. After about six hours of smoking, you’ll have tender, fall-off-the-bone ribs.

  • Appalachian BBQ Spare Ribs

    Smoky. Sticky. Sweet and spicy. Appalachian BBQ Spare Ribs.

    I ate this style of barbecue when I was a college student visiting a friend's parents in West Virginia. And it's always stuck with me. Serve roasted brown butter and garlic Brussels sprouts with shaved Parmesan and grilled corn on the cob with fresh herbs along with the ribs. Warm whole wheat dinner rolls. Toasted pecan and pear kale salad dressed in homemade balsamic vinaigrette. Ice cold beer mugs filled to the brim with golden craft-brewed IPA.  The perfect Eastern United States backyard BBQ.  Served.  Cheers! David

  • Apple Butter BBQ Ribs

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