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  • Chipotle Molasses Baby Back Ribs

  • Smokin' BBQ Ribs

  • 4 Simple Steps to Make Baby Back Ribs

    Baby back ribs are a favorite of mine, because they get the highest compliment rating for the least amount of work. For you acronym junkies, that’s a high CAW rating (Compliment to Amount of Work). Yes, I just made that up, but maybe someday, recipes the world over will include a little graph noting its CAW rating.

    Here are the 4 simple steps to remember:

    Rip ‘em

    Rub ‘em

    Rack ‘em

    Regulate ‘em

    Simple. You only have to remember four R’s.

  • How to Smoke Ribs in an Electric Smoker

    Easily smoke ribs in an electric smoker. Simply set the smoker to 225 degrees Fahrenheit, and use the 3-2-1 method. After about six hours of smoking, you’ll have tender, fall-off-the-bone ribs.

  • Grilled & Braised Rack of Beef Short Ribs

    Nothing will warm your family’s hearts faster than a hearty beef dish. Low and slow is the ticket to this fantastic dish, and reminiscent of an osso buco. The beef ribs add a flavor that’s all their own. Add whatever vegetables are in season and you will have a whole meal ready at the same time. What could be easier?

  • Memphis-Style Char-Smoked Pork Ribs

    Wet or dry? Pork or beef? These are the debates that go down at backyard cook-offs. Both have their place and are unarguably delicious. Try these Memphis-Style Char-Smoked Pork Ribs the next time you fire up the grill or smoker.

  • St. Louis Style Ribs

    St. Louis-style ribs are immensely popular, particularly in the world of competitive BBQ. Unlike the typical spare rib or the baby back, the St. Louis-style rib is really uniform in shape. A slab is almost a perfect rectangle, which makes for even cooking all the way through -- ideal for competition BBQ, where replicating the same, superb results over and over is the gold standard.

      Technically speaking, if you were to go to your local meat cutter and ask for St. Louis-style ribs and for some reason she/he had no idea what that is, all you need to ask is to remove the rib tips, skirt flap along the bottom and the cartilage-laden section along the side that used to connect to the sternum. Make sure to have all that stuff that was cut off packaged with the ribs. We call them nibblers.

    • Orange Chipotle Beef Short Ribs

      When many think of short ribs, they think of a long cooking time in a braising liquid. But there’s another version of a short rib that requires just minutes on the grill - Korean short ribs.

      Korean short ribs are cut lengthwise across the long side of the slab, yielding a very thin strip of meat. Thin meat equals a fast cook time on the grill. They’re a delicious change from the usual short ribs. Try this recipe for easy and fast Orange Chipotle Beef Short Ribs.

    • Smoked Baby Back Ribs with Honey & Roasted Garlic BBQ Glaze

      Using the Char-Broil’s® Kamander™ Charcoal Grill, smoke low and slow for these delicious BBQ baby back ribs. Follow this recipe for smoked baby backs in a honey roasted garlic BBQ glaze.

    • Beer Basted Baby Back Ribs

      It's not about the journey, but the destination for this grilled rib sensation. It may take a little time, but it will be completely worth it for delicious beer basted ribs.

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