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  • Coffee and Chile Rubbed Smoked Pork Butt

    The pillars of great barbecue are built on old-school traditions rooted in simplicity.  Traditionalists would say that all you need to make a perfect smoked pork butt are some hot coals, a hunk of meat, and a little BBQ sauce.  For the new-age barbecue master, however, take advantage of modern smoking equipment designed to make your journey pork perfection even easier.  Char-Broil's SmartChef technology lets you control your smoker's cooking settings using any smart device, or try smoking a pork butt using your electric or gas grill.  Just place wood chips directly on hot grill grates and let the smoking begin.  It might not be traditional, but it can't get any simpler than that.

  • Best Meats to Smoke

    The best meats to smoke are fatty cuts like beef brisket, pork shoulder and ribs. Although the smoking process can dry out some types of meat, the high fat content of brisket and pork shoulder help keep them moist, tender and delicious. Get more tips for smoking below!

  • How to Smoke on an Infrared Grill

    Smoking food on a Premium TRU-Infrared™ grill by Char-Broil® is a cinch. Start by creating a two-zone grill. Leave one side completely off, while setting the other side of the grill to medium-high.

  • How to Clean a Digital Electric Smoker

    Excess buildup of burned grease and food in your Digital Electric Smoker will reduce the smoker’s cooking performance over time. Keeping it clean, with just a few easy steps, will ensure it remains in top working condition. Remember to use only non-abrasive cleaners; mild dish detergent works great.

  • Cooking Time Guide for Smoked Turkey

    Whether it's smoked, fried, roasted or grilled, turkey is a delicious alternative to chicken year-round. With so many different cuts - breasts, wings, legs-oh my! - it may be tricky trying to decide how long to cook your turkey of choice. We've broken it down to give you the scoop with this guide for smoked turkey cooking times.  

    Meat and Method: How Long to Cook Smoked Turkey

    No matter what cut or cooking method you choose, you can be sure that your turkey is done once the internal temperature has reached at least 165 °F. Use a digital meat thermometer or the built-in digital probe of your device to be sure your turkey has reached the right temperature.

    As a quick tip, we recommend taking the turkey of the grill our out of the smoker when it reaches an internal temperature of 160°F. It will continue to cook while it rests, leaving it exactly at the safe temperature of 165°F by the time you are ready to dig in.

  • Smoked Tuna Dip

    Smoking tuna at home can be so easy--a quick, overnight brine and only an hour of smoking.  Follow this recipe for a delicious smoked tuna dip. Serve with pita chips or thin slices of toasted bread for tuna dip bruschetta.

  • How to Smoke Tuna Steaks

    Why settle for canned, commercial tuna when you can make homemade smoked tuna in a snap?  Smoking tuna at home is a breeze. This no-fuss fish just needs a quick brine, a little seasoning, and about an hour in the smoker for perfectly smoked tuna.  Enjoy it simply on its own, or transform tasty tuna into a smoked tuna dip.

  • BBQ Smoked Brisket in an Electric Smoker

    Try this recipe for a perfect smoked brisket in an electric smoker. After making the dry rub and mop sauce, simply place your brisket in the smoker and let it do the rest.

  • Smoked Brisket in the Digital Electric Smoker

    Don’t be intimidated to cook a brisket. Simply put your brisket in the Digital Electric Smoker for an easy, foolproof cooking process. Use this guide for simple steps to smoked brisket in an electric smoker for a guaranteed brisket win!

  • Mind Your Minutes: Tips for How Long to Smoke Salmon

    Smoked salmon is a tasty, savory treat that is simple to make.  It requires almost no more attention beyond just preheating the grill or smoker and placing the fillets on the grates.  With such an easy protein, the most difficult step of making smoked salmon truly is waiting for the delicious-smelling fish to finish roasting.  Use this guide to find the perfect tips for how long to smoke salmon and begin counting the minutes down until you’re enjoying an unbeatable fish feast.

    How Long to Smoke Salmon in a Smoker

    Slow and steady is the name of the game for perfect smoked salmon.  Keep the smoker temperature low for a long period of time and your smoked salmon will be moist, flaky, and full of smoky flavor.  Set the smoker to 120 degrees F and let the fish roast for about 3 hours.  If you are pressed for time though, set the smoker to 220 degrees F for smoked salmon in only 2 hours.

    How Long to Smoke Salmon on the Grill

    Smoking salmon on the grill is a bit trickier, so you need to keep a close eye on the filets as they cook. The grill will naturally be hotter than the smoker, so the cook time will be considerably shorter.  Count on the reliability of a digital thermometer to know exactly when the salmon is done cooking.  You want the internal temperature of the salmon to be at 150 degrees F or higher.

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