Gas Grill Burners Won’t Light

Grilling with a gas grill is unlike using charcoal. You have to rely on the propane tank and various connections to ensure that the burners are getting enough gas so you can cook your food. Without a sufficient flow of gas, the grill burners won’t light and you’ll have trouble grilling.

If the grill burners aren’t lighting, the problem could be the propane tank, burners or the ignitor.

Empty LP Tank - Check the LP tank to make sure that it has enough fuel to light. Most tanks will have a diagram to help measure the amount of propane that’s inside the tank. If the tank doesn’t have the propane checker, you can buy a fuel indicator to place on the outside of the tank.

Bad Propane Connections - Make sure that the knob on the top of the tank is tight- turn it clockwise to secure the connection. Once the knob is tightened, check the valve; if any fuel is released, tighten the knob again. You may need to disconnect the hose from the LP tank and reconnect it to make sure that the regulator is connected properly.

Clogged Hose - Check the O-ring and hose that connect the fuel tank to the grill. If the O-ring vent hole is clogged, the propane will not flow. You will need to clean the O-ring or replace it to get the fuel to flow.

Loose Burner Tubes - The Venturi tubes on the burners push fuel to the burners. If the tubes are loose or detached, tighten or reattach them so the fuel can flow through the burners. You should be able to access the burner tubes from the underside of the grill; otherwise remove the grates and flame tamers to have access to the burners. Each grill is different, so check you grill manual.

Clogged Venturi Tubes - The Venturi tubes connect the burners to the control valve, sending propane to the burners. When they’re clogged, the burners cannot get enough fuel to light properly. Clean the grill Venturi tubes with a cleaning rod to remove any clogs.

Clogged or Rusted Burners - Grease and food drippings can clog the ports on the burners, which can also cause rust on the burners. Use a brush to clean the inside and outside of the burners and the ports. If the ports are too clogged or overly rusted, replace the grill burners.

Damaged Ignitor - Humidity, rain and very cold weather can cause moisture buildup on and around the ignitor making it unable to spark. Try manually lighting the burners; if they light, the problem is the ignitor. Once the moisture dries, the ignitor should spark normally. Otherwise, try to replace the batteries in the ignitor and make sure the electrodes are properly connected. If you’re still having trouble, replace the electric ignition module.