Expand your grilling options with cookware like smoker boxes, rib racks and pizza stones.

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    Model# 4897766R06
    The Big Easy® Flavor Infuser Stand
    SIZE: 8-inch tall tube and 8-inch diameter bottom rack and a tube capacity of 8 ounces FEATURES: Tube holds liquid to add moisture and flavor to your chicken or turkey while it cooks Fill Flavor Infuser Stand with liquids such as beer, wine, juice or broth
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    Model# 4184804P06
    Cast Iron Smoker Box
    SIZE: At 8 inches long, the Smoker box fits enough wood chips to keep your meat smoking FEATURE: Cast iron retains heat well and can withstand hotter grill temperatures
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    Model# 3526981P04
    Grill+ Roasting Dish And Cutting Board
    SIZE: The 9 by 14 inch roasting dish and cutting board are large enough to roast, bake or grill perfect meats, casseroles, desserts and more FEATURES: Plastic cutting board with juice groove doubles as lid for prep, storage and transport.
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    Model# 6584315P06
    The Big Easy® Bunk Bed Basket
    SIZE: The 9 inch diameter fits the hinged basket and The Big Easy® Oil-less Turkey Fryer basket COMPATIBLE : Designed to work best with The Big Easy® series of fryers
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    Model# 2965940
    Stainless Steel Smoker Box
    Vented to direct smoke toward food and prevent flaming Add wood smoke flavor to any cookout
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    Model# 9676515
    Stainless Steel Grilling Basket
    SIZE: 11 Inches long, it can accommodate many food thicknesses FEATURES: Locking lid allows the basket to be flipped for even cooking
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    Model# 6776791W06
    The Big Easy Better Basket
    SIZE: Collapses to just 1" tall, allowing for storage in cabinets or drawers FEATURES: An upgrade for the standard basket that comes with The Big Easy® Oil-less Turkey Fryer
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    Model# 9586965R04
    Kamander® Stone
    SIZE: 15in. diameter, 3/4in. fits the Char-Broil Kamander Grill FEATURES: Redirects heat from fire, adding convection and allowing heat to circulate evenly throughout chamber and doubles as a pizza stone
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    Model# 5528821W06
    Medallion Series™ Modular Outdoor Kitchen 5 Burner Grill Rotisserie Rod
    SIZE: At 43 inches long, the Rotisserie Rod works with 5 Burner Grill (463246118) ADDITIONAL: Rotisserie Kit (5528819W06) Needed along with the rod
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    Model# 6449407R04
    Grill+ Double Pepper Roaster Rack
    SIZE: Dual-layer design accommodates more pepper sizes. Bottom layer helps support skinny peppers while larger upper layer accommodates larger diameters FEATURES: Separate layers to use as two separate individual racks
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    Model# 7884572R08
    Grill+ Folding Beer Can Chicken Roasting Rack
    SIZE: Rack fits over standard 12oz can for secure placement during cooking FEATURES: Folds flat for easy storage and inside Grill+ Roasting Dish for dual-purpose cooking
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    Model# 2897588W06
    Medallion Series™ Built-In Grill Rotisserie Kit
    FEATURES: Powerful motor in Stainless housing INCLUDED: Four forks to cook two birds at once, includes rod and handle
1-12 of 21 Results