Innovating Since Day 1

In 1948, Charbroil brought one of the first charcoal grills to market. In the years that followed, we’ve introduced innovations that are now standard among modern grills. And with products like The Big Easy® Oil-Less Turkey Fryer and our TRU-Infrared™ Cooking System, the evolution continues. While we can’t take credit for the cookout, we have been making cookouts better since Day 1.
For decades, we've been innovating to make grilling easier and more affordable so that friends and families can gather together and make wonderful memories. In fact, our greatest triumphs are rooted in backyards across America. As we look ahead, our mission is to continue to improve outdoor cooking for everyone, everywhere.
The Original Charcoal Grill
Charbroil® gave America one of its first charcoal grills at a time when outdoor cooking was not common. This new opportunity for leisure quickly turned grilling into a backyard tradition. From that moment to this day, Charbroil® continues to raise the bar with more firsts, including portable grilling, electric grilling and gas grills with electric ignition.
World’s Best BBQ Grill
In 1984, the Charbroil CB940 Charcoal Grill was recognized as the World’s Best BBQ Grill by The Book of Bests. Our collective efforts produced an outstanding grill that was unmatched in the eyes of the world. This achievement sparked our desire to look for even more ways to make the grilling experience better.
Fried Deliciousness with No Mess
We introduced The Big Easy® Oil-less Turkey Fryer for one reason: to deliver the deliciousness you want from a turkey fryer, without the mess or expense that comes with a bubbling hot pot of oil. Done and done. After all, your convenience drives every innovation we introduce. The success of The Big Easy made us hungry for an even bigger breakthrough.
A Better Cooking System—Truly
Almost 60 years after introducing the first charcoal grill, we debuted another innovation that was truly game-changing: our TRU-Infrared™ Cooking System. It delivers even heat distribution with no flare-ups for juicier, restaurant-quality food, right in your backyard.
Performance means everything. Whether you only grill occasionally or light up those burners every other day, you want your grill to cook the way you expect it to. For this reason, performance drives every feature, every innovation, every new product we introduce. Because if you’re going to invite us into your backyard, we want to make you the hero of every cookout that happens there.
Gas2Coal Switchin' Things Up
We know that many people who enjoy the convenience of gas still love the chargrilled flavor you can only get from charcoal. For them, we designed our Gas2Coal® line with a patented charcoal tray that fits over the gas burners. Cook with propane on one side and charcoal on the other or easily switch from gas to coal. Light the coals with built-in gas ignition and you'll never need matches or lighter fluid.
A Grill for Every Griller
Charbroil grills are designed with the entire grilling experience in mind, and the cooking technology inside every one of our products provides the tools and the confidence you need to get the most out of grilling.
Just like every backyard is different, every griller is different and we celebrate these differences. That's what makes Charbroil the go-to brand for grillers to find the grill that's right for them. Our easy-to-use and innovative products bring food and fun to your backyard.
Although Charbroil has been America's favorite grill brand since 1948, somehow it feels like we're just getting started. Maybe it's because we know that making our products better makes your cookouts better. And that's all the motivation we need.