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    Model# 3635938
    Gear Trax® Tool Magnet
    SIZE: 6 inches long, fits up to 3 tools FEATURE: No tools required when attaching to Char-Broil grills
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    Model# 6428409W06
    Gear Trax™ Cup Holder with Bottle Opener
    SIZE: Holds a standard 8 oz. can inside cup holder FEATURES: Perforated cup holds your drink or sauces in place and a magnetized bottle opener to open bottles and catch the caps
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    Model# 8748135R04
    Half-time Canister Charcoal Starter
    SIZE: Holds up to 4 lbs. of briquettes FEATURE: Get hot coals in less than 15 minutes
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    Model# 9689797P06
    Grill Mat
    SIZE: Large surface area (48-inches x 30-inches) to protect your patio or deck from grease, oil, charcoal and rust FEATURE: Protective raised border to keep drippings contained on the mat
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    Model# 7818607R04
    LED Grill Handle Light
    SIZE: At 4.5 inches, this BBQ Grill Light fits almost any grill handle FEATURES: Silicone rubber strap easily installs and has simple touch sensitive buttons
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    Model# 5667408R06
    Gear Trax® Tool Hooks
    SECURE: Easy to install, very secure and does not loosen up when grill is moved FEATURES: Easy to install and includes drill bit for grills without the Gear Trax® system
6 Results