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Protect your grill from the elements with our durable and weather-resistant grill covers. 

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    Model# 23251111
    Entertainer Cart
    PAPER TOWEL HOLDER: Keep your paper towel roll easily accessible on the stainless-steel paper towel holder. HANDLE: A stainless-steel handle makes it easy to steer the cart when moving it.
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    Model# 23251122
    Entertainer Deluxe Cart
    GARNISH CADDIES: Three plastic charcoal-gray garnish caddies with lids keep your maraschino cherries, lime wedges and other tangy citrus slices within easy reach. ICE CHEST: A built-in plastic ice chest holds ice to keep your beverages chilled and can be used to store your glassware and other bar accessories. Cover the ice chest with the included hard plastic lid or use it as a cutting board.
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    Model# 3886118W04
    Entertainer Cart Cover
    MATERIAL: Fade and water resistant material maintains the cover’s black color and repels water to prevent saturation. It’s also easy to clean with soap & water. CONDIMENT RACK COVER: A pop-up section on top unzips to accommodate the condiment rack on the Deluxe model (#23251122) and lays flat on the Base model (#23251111).
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    Model# 2118398R04
    All Season Large 3-4 Burner Grill Cover
    SIZE: 3-4 Burner Gas Grills, Large Charcoal Grills and smokers up to 62 inches wide FEATURE: Longer Side Straps for a secure fit
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    Model# 8336564P06V
    3-4 Burner Basic Grill Cover
    SIZE: Designed to fit 3-4 burner grills, large charcoal grills and smokers up to 62 inches wide FEATURE: Drawstring closure for secure fit
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    Model# 4727248W04
    Medallion Series™ Vista Outdoor Kitchen Cover
    SIZE: Custom-designed to fit the Char-Broil Medallion Series Vista Outdoor Kitchen. 71"W x 24"D x 39"H FEATURE: Side straps to keep a secure fit and handle straps on both ends of the cover easily remove and replace it
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    Model# 7248577P04
    Vibe™ Gas Grill Cover
    SIZE: Premium custom cover designed for Char-Broil Vibe 535 Gas Grill FEATURE: Built-in hook and loop straps ensure a secure fit and the cover fits grill when back shelf is folded down
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    Model# 4278157P06V
    4-5 Diamond Jacquard Performance Grill Cover
    SIZE: 4-5 Burner Charbroil Performance Gas Grills, up to 55 inches wide FEATURE: Top positioned handles on both sides for easy on and off your grill and longer Side Straps for a secure fit
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    Model# 7945671P04V
    Medium 45" Grill/Smoker Performance Cover
    SIZE: 30 in. x 42 in. x 45 in. Design to fit medium offset smokers, charcoal, pellet and combo grills FEATURE: Hook and loop straps for secure fit: longer side straps for width, bottom fold-under straps for height and back straps adjust for smokestack location
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    Model# 7767505R04V
    Patio Bistro® Grill Cover
    SIZE: Custom designed for Chr-Broil Patio Bistro Grills FEATURE: Snaps to keep the cover secure in any configuration, can be used with the side shelves in the raised or lowered position
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    Model# 3657248W04
    Edge™ Electric Grill Cover
    SIZE: Premium custom cover for Char-Broil Edge Electric Grill (22652143) FEATURE: Built-in hook and loop straps ensure a secure fit
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    Model# 6885782P12
    The Big Easy® Turkey Fryer Custom Cover
    SIZE: Designed for use with The Big Easy® Oil Less Turkey Fryer - 14101480 FEATURE: Drawstrings at the bottom keep the cover secure in any configuration and a vent at the top extend your product lifecycle
1-12 of 34 Results