Comfort Grip™ Griddle 7-Piece Tool Set
Comfort Grip™ Griddle 7-Piece Tool Set

Model # 9139118W04
Flip, move and mix food on your griddle using the Comfort Grip™ 7-Piece Griddle Spatula Set. Bask in the glory of smashing burgers for a full-side sear with a caramelized crust and tantalizing aroma. From patty melts and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches to stir-fry, noodles and rice, you will use these essential tools every time you griddle.


Comfort Grip™ Griddle 7-Piece Tool Set

Key Features
  • SET INCLUDES: This 7-piece griddle tool set includes all the tools you need to achieve better results, keep your griddle clean and have fun with it.
  • SPATULAS: Four spatulas to flip, move and mix your food more easily. Use two spatulas at the same time or different spats for different foods to prevent cross-contamination. Open bottles with one and drain excess liquids with another.
  • SCRAPER: Keep your griddle surface clear of food scraps and grease or use the scraper to chop meat and vegetables while cooking.
  • SQUEEZE BOTTLES (2): Fill one squeeze bottle with cooking oil to prevent food from sticking and the other with water to keep the surface clean. Squirt pancake batter onto a hot griddle to make bear, bunny and flower pancakes. And fill squeeze bottles with
  • HANDLE: The Comfort Grip™ handle is ergonomically designed to give you a firm and comfortable grip.

Additional Features
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: All materials are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Model #9139118W04


Black/Emerald Green/Stainless Steel

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