Grilled Rotisserie Prime Rib

Grilled Rotisserie Prime Rib


Prime Rib, or standing rib roast, is an expensive cut of meat. With the expense comes the added pressure that, if you are not on your A-game in the kitchen, well, you’ve probably just made an expensive mistake! And no one wants to have to eat peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches when they’re craving a fine, juicy slab of beef.

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Serves 8
lb rib roast
Salt & pepper to taste

Ingredient Tips

The meat needs to be balanced to ensure it cooks evenly and doesn’t over work the motor. This method of cooking is time tested to produce excellent roasted meat flavors. Add a chunk or two of your favorite wood to generate some smoke and you’ve got a perfectly prepared meal.
Cooked to perfection
Most guests enjoy it medium-rare to medium – if someone must have medium-well or well done, it's recommend you finish it on the grill after cooking the entire roast. You can always add heat to something that isn’t done enough, but can’t take it away!



Remove cooking racks and preheat the grill to medium heat. Note: You'll want to maintain a constant temperature during cooking of between 275F and 300F degrees.


Place spit on rotisserie unit, turn on and close hood.


Cook to a to an internal temp of 135F degrees for Rare or 145F degrees for Medium-Rare.  Note: To check temp, raise hood from time-to-time and use an instant read thermometer inserted into the roast so that it avoids fat, bone and the metal spit.


When internal temp is approximately 5-10 dgrees below the target you desire, remove and place on plate or tray, cover with aluminum foil and a kitchen towel - allow to rest about 20 minutes while the internal temperature continues cooking the roast to the target temp.


The recommended resting time is approximately 20 minutes before slicing.

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