The Cruise Gas Grill Frequenty Asked Questions 

What cooking square footage is my grill?

  • 540-square-inches of total cooking area; 435-square-inches of primary surface & 105-square-inches of secondary. 

How long is the approximate assembly?

  • 60- 75 minutes.

How do I Auto-Clean my grill?  

  • AUTO CLEAN – Hold the button for 2 seconds to start. Grill will run a high 600°F burn-off of grease and food. Overall timer starts at 30 minutes. Once the grill reaches 600°F deg a new 15-minute timer starts. The grill shuts down when the timer hits 00:00.

Why is the power cord so short?

  • The power cord is purposely short to keep the extension cord connection up off the bottom shelf of the cabinet. If it is too long, the connection rests on the bottom shelf and is subject to contact with water if raining or rain retention on the shelf.

Can this grill be converted to natural gas?

  • A standard 20 lbs. propane tank can only be used. 

What is the temperature range?  

  • 350°F to 700°F, in increments of 5 degrees. 

Do I have to plug this grill into a GFCI electrical outlet?

  • Yes, the Cruise grill has an electronic Digital Controller and electronic valves. It is powered by a gas burner system but must be plugged into a standard GFCI electrical outlet to be used. 

Why is the battery pack useful?

  • The Cruise boasts a backup power supply that houses 4 d-cell batteries, so if the power flickers or goes out entirely, your cook won’t be affected for up to 2 hours. 

Do I need WiFi for this grill?

  • No, this unit is NOT a smart grill that requires connecting to a smartphone via an app.

When in battery mode, how long can I cook on my grill?  

  • The D-cell battery pack included with your grill is intended for use solely as a backup to the primary 120VAC power in case of a power outage. It is not intended to be used as the primary power source. Attempting to use the battery as the primary power source may result in product shutdown or error reporting. Please plug in to AC power to resume normal operation.

Why are my emitters turning brownish/black in color?  

  • The more you use your Amplifire Cruise grill the darker the stainless-steel emitters become, and the better it will cook. 

Do I need to season my cast iron cooking grates?  

  • No, they do not require seasoning, as they have a porcelain-enamel finish to protect them from rusting. 

Can I use an extension cord with my Cruise grill?  

  • Yes, due to the short length of the power cord noted above you will need to use an extension cord (see Product Guide for requirements) to plug grill into outdoor GFI outlet.

How big are the shelves for prepping cook?

  • The grill has twin 19 ¾” x 12 ½” shelves.

What is the warranty?

  • 10-year warranty on the burners, 3 years on the lid, firebox, cast iron grates and emitter plates and 1 year on all other parts.

What do the different light colors on my dial mean?


Why do I get an “E01” code when initiating a cook on the D cell battery power?

  • The battery pack is used when the power is out or for short cooks (1.5-2 hrs.), not intended for full cooks. If the USB connection is used with a 5V power bank it will fully power an entire cook (up to 8 hrs.) 

What do the Error codes mean and how do I troubleshoot?