Gas Grill with Griddle Frequently Asked Questions

What is the total cooking space?

  • 535 total square inches with 355 grate grilling area and 180 griddle grilling area. 

What are the dimensions of the cooking area?

  • There are 2 grate sizes both 16.93” front to back with one 9.77” L/R and the other 8.94” L/R (18.71” X 16.93” total). The griddle area is 10.24” X 17.05”.

Can this grill be converted to natural gas?

  • This grill is designed for use with LP gas only, 20 lb propane tank.

What is the recommended placement of my grill?

  • Use grill at least 3 ft. from any wall or surface. Maintain 10 ft. clearance to objects that can catch fire or sources of ignition such as pilot lights on water heaters, live electrical appliances, etc.

Can briquettes be used in this grill?

  • Do not use charcoal or ceramic briquettes in a gas grill.

Do I need to season my grill?

  • For stick-free cooking, apply a thorough coating of vegetable oil or vegetable oil-based spray to the cooking grate.

Do I leave the lid open or closed when using my griddle?

  • Lid must be open during use, do not cook with lid closed.

Is there a cover available for this Vibe 535 Gas Grill with Griddle?

  • Yes, there is a custom-fit cover available 7248577P04

How do I clean my grill? Can I burn off residual with the lid closed? Is there risk damaging the lid doing this?

  • We recommend keeping the lid open when using this grill. To best clean the cooking surface, we recommend a nylon grill brush with warm soapy water. Because of glass-like composition of porcelain, most residue can be wiped away with baking soda/water solution or specially formulated cleaner. Use nonabrasive scouring powder for stubborn stains.

Where does the temperature gauge go?

  • The temperature gauge can be placed directly on the cooking grates or griddle.