Gear Trax™
Combo Kit
Gear Trax™ Combo Kit

Model # 2337281W06

Keep your essential seasonings and tools handy and your side shelf clear with the Gear Trax™ Combo Kit. Installed on the side of your grill or smoker, the condiment basket holds your sauces, oils and spices and the knobs let you hang your tools within easy reach when you're grilling. Simply line up with the pre-drilled Gear Trax™ holdes and attach with screws.

Most Char-Broil® grills and smokers feature pre-drilled holes for the Gear Trax™ system. Customize your cooking space for maximum efficiency and convenience with tool hooks, holders and knobs to hang your grilling tools. Keep your side shelf clear with accessories like the Gear Trax™ Condiment Basket and Cup Holder.


Gear Trax™ Combo Kit

Key Features
  • MATERIAL: Heavy-duty metal construction for durability
  • SIZE: 12 Inch, spacious wire basket holds essential ingredients
  • FEATURE: Easily mounts on side shelf and has side loops to hang trash bag
  • INCLUDED: Pack of 4 knobs to easily hang tools
  • RECOMMENDED: Designed for gas grills, charcoal grills and smokers

Model #2337281W06

Additional Specifications

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