How Do You Dispose and Recycle Your Old Gas Grill

How Do You Dispose and Recycle Your Old Gas Grill

Proper maintenance and timely replacement of key parts will extend the life of your gas grill. When the time comes to dispose of your old grill, we encourage a responsible approach that will yield safe and environmentally friendly results. Before you dispose of an old grill, be sure to clean it as thoroughly as possible of all food debris. The following guidelines will help you determine how best to discard the grill.


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Grill Body.

The body of a Char-Broil® grill is primarily constructed with recyclable materials including steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Scrap metal dealers can dispose of and sell these raw materials that will eventually be used in a new metal product.

Grill Lid.

If the grill lid has plastic handles or sides, check the plastic for the imprinted recycle logo. If the plastic does not have the logo, you’ll need to dispose of the plastic with your regular garbage waste pick-up. Any steel, stainless steel and aluminum can be recycled with local scrap metal dealers who will melt the metal down.

Side Shelves.

Remove any plastic side shelves and check them for a recycling mark. If the side shelves are recyclable, they can be recycled with other plastic recyclables. If no recycling mark is found, they should be disposed of in the standard garbage waste pick-up. Metal side shelves can be broken down and recycled at your local scrap metal dealer.

Propane Hose.

Cut off the hose that runs from the tank connector to the burners and dispose of it in the standard domestic garbage waste pick-up. It cannot be recycled.

Gas Valves.

Gas valves are made of brass or aluminum and can be removed and recycled separately.

Control Knobs.

The gas control knobs are recyclable if they are made of black plastic. If they are metal plated, they should be disposed of in the standard garbage waste pick-up.

Electronics and Batteries.

Any electronics (ignition wires and electric controllers) and batteries should be removed and disposed of with consumer electronics. Check your local municipality for e-waste pick-up or drop-off options.


Most plastic wheels can be recycled with other recyclable plastic products. Casters should be disposed of with your regular garbage waste pick-up.

LP Tank.

LP tanks are typically reusable through various LP tank exchange programs. If you are disposing of a tank, it should be given to a propane gas dealer for recycling or disposal. Due to residual gas, a scrap metal dealer cannot safely dispose of LP tanks.
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