How to Smoke on an Infrared Grill

How to Smoke on an Infrared Grill

Smoking food on a premium Amplifire™ grill by Char-Broil® is a cinch. Start by creating a two-zone grill. Leave one side completely off, while setting the other side of the grill to medium-high.

how to smoke on a Amplifire™ gas grill


Pick a wood flavor.

Choose a wood flavor that complements what you’re smoking. Light woods such as alder, fruitwoods and pecan lend a mild smoky sweetness to foods, and are best used with delicate items like fish and chicken. Medium woods include oak and hickory. They impart a stronger smoke flavor and work well with sturdier cuts of meat such as a pork butt or ribs. The strongest smoking wood is mesquite. It overpowers most foods, but it’s ideal for smoking a beef brisket.


Add wood packets.

After the grill has come up to the right temperature, add wood packets. You can make wood packets by cutting a large piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil, adding three handfuls of wood chips of your choice to the foil, and tightly sealing the packet. Then poke a few small holes in the top of the packet with a sharp fork so the smoke can escape. An easier way is to use any of the disposable wood packets and wood chip smoker boxes.


A few tips.

  • Try varieties of wood to achieve the flavors you like.

  • Replace the wood packets every hour for larger cuts of meat.

  • You can combine two flavors together to make your own combination – hickory and apple, for example.

  • Vegetables also benefit from smoke flavor. The more moisture in a vegetable – say a tomato or onion – the more smoke it will accept. If you’re smoking vegetables put them in a tray so any juices remain with the vegetables.

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