How to Smoke Tuna Steaks

How to Smoke Tuna Steaks

Why settle for canned, commercial tuna when you can make homemade smoked tuna in a snap?  Smoking tuna at home is a breeze. This no-fuss fish just needs a quick brine, a little seasoning, and about an hour in the smoker for perfectly smoked tuna.  Enjoy it simply on its own, or transform tasty tuna into a smoked tuna dip.


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Create a simple brine out of warm water and salt. Let tuna brine in the fridge overnight to have extra-moist tuna steaks. Be sure to gingerly rinse the steaks before smoking to remove any excess clumps of salt.
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When choosing your tuna, we suggest using yellowfin tuna, a hearty variety that’s perfect for tuna steaks cooked on the grill or smoker.


Pat tuna steaks dry and lightly brush with low-sodium soy sauce. The seasoning of the soy sauce is a great complement to the natural flavor of the tuna, adding a subtle, salty bite to the smoked fillets.


Because tuna is a stronger-fleshed fish, it can hold up at a hotter temperature. Set the smoked to 250 degrees Fahrenheit and add wood chips. We suggest using a smoking wood of mild flavor, like apple or cherry, to best flavor the tuna.


Cook for about one hour. To ensure that tuna smokes evenly on all sides, roast steaks on an elevated surface, like a rack placed in a dish pan, or flip steaks once during cooking. Fillets should be a light brown color and should easily flake apart.
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