Vista Outdoor Kitchen Frequently Asked Questions

What is the total cooking space?

  • 680-square-inches of total cooking area; 340-square-inches of grill grate surface & 340-square-inches of griddle surface.

How many burgers will my grill hold?

  • Up to 18 burgers.

What is the best maintenance for my grill?

  • Do not do a burn-off after you grill. For any excess food particles and oil, wipe/brush towards the grease drain. Leaving some oil on the griddle surface is okay and will help to provide a protective coating on the griddle. The more you use your griddle, the easier maintenance will be. 

How do I clean my grill for first time use?

  • Use a mild dishwasher fluid to remove protective coating and dry with paper towel and soft cloth – do not let it drain dry. 

How do I prevent rust on my grill?

  • Re-season your griddle frequently, particularly when new. If rust occurs, it is an indication that the griddle has not been seasoned enough or the seasoning has been burned off. Scour the rust spot with a heavy brush or steel wool. Re-apply a coating of your cooking oil and season the griddle again. 

What type of ignition is it?  

  • The Vista features an electronic ignition for quick and reliable starts with the push of a button.

What accessories are included?

  • Pizza stone, garbage can, cleaning brush and spatula are included. 

How long is the approximate assembly?

  • 2 hours.

How much does the grill weigh?

  • The grill weighs 205 lbs. assembled.

What is the recommended placement of my grill?

  • Use grill at least 3 ft. from any wall or surface. Maintain 10 ft. clearance to objects that can catch fire or sources of ignition such as pilot lights on water heaters, live electrical appliances, etc. 

How do I season my griddle?

  • Using cooking oil with a high smoke point (such as avocado, olive, or canola oil) is recommended for the initial seasoning. Spread a thin coating of oil over the entire surface, including walls and corners, with a paper towel. Turn on the griddle and allow to heat on high for 20-30 minutes with the lid closed. Turn off the burners and allow the griddle to cool. Your griddle should have a smooth, glossy black surface. Your griddle is now ready to use.