Griddle Accessories

We've got the tools you need for all your griddle needs, whether you're looking for a spatula, tongs, apron or gloves.

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    Model# 4676066P04
    Stainless Steel Meat Press
    SIZE: Large, 100-inch by 5.5-inch press surface FEATURES: Handle stays cool to the touch for short-term use on grill surface
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    Model# 9849200R06
    Melting Dome Basting Set
    Melting bowl doubles as a melting dome to melt cheese or brown food from the top-down No gloves needed with unique melting bowl feet that double as lifting handles and are easily picked up with spatulas or tongs
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    Model# 8586712R06
    Tweezer Tongs
    SIZE: 14.25 inches long and .21 inch wide at the tips for precise use FEATURES: Rubber like hand hold for a comfortable grip
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    Model# 3746290
    Grilling Apron
    Adjustable neck strap and back tie Multiple pockets to store gloves and tools
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    Model# 6345923
    Comfort-Grip™ Silicone Grilling Gloves
    Waterproof grip protects hands Dishwasher safe
5 Results