The Edge Electric Grill Frequently Asked Questions 

Can this grill be converted to natural gas?

  • This is a fully electric grill and only operates on 120VAC electrical power.

What cooking square footage is my grill?

  • 330-square-inches, (270 sq. in. cooking grate + 60 sq. in. warming tray)

How long is the approximate assembly?

  • 60- 75 minutes.

How many burgers will my grill hold?

  • Up to 18 burgers.

What is the temperature range?

  • 200 – 700F, 5-degree increments.

How much does the grill weigh?

  • The grill weighs 109 lbs.

What is the recommended breaker requirement for peak performance?

  • 20-amp GFCI outlet.

Is this product available in Canada?

  • No, this product is not certified for use in Canada.

How many watts is this electric grill?  

  • 1750 watts.

Do the side shelves fold down?

  • Yes, the side shelves fold down.

What type of power source do you need? 110? 220?

  • 120VAC is the correct power source.

Can you use an extension cord?

  • Use only outdoor type with 3 prong grounding plug, rated for 15 amperes or more, approved by UL, marked with a W and a tag stating, “Suitable for Use with Outdoor Appliance”. A 12- or 14-gauge extension cord of 50 ft. or less can be used. Do not use 16- or 18-gauge extension cords.

What model number is the Edge grill cover?  

  • 3657248W04

What type of circuit do I need to use?  

  • Use only with a GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) protected circuit.

Is this grill sold at retail stores (Lowes, Home Depot, etc.)?  

  • The Edge grill is currently sold on, Lowes and Amazon.

What are the actual dimensions of the cooking surface of this grill?

  • This grill has two main cooking grates and a warming plate. Each cooking grate measures 9.15" (left/right) X 15.14" (front/back) x 9.15". The warming plate measures 14.50” X 4.05”. 

Where do you recommend storing my grill?

  • Always unplug when not in use and keep the grill and electric controller dry and out of the elements.

What are the best steps for plugging/unplugging my grill?

  • When connecting the grill to the power source, make sure the controller is set to the OFF position, then plug it into the outlet. When unplugging the appliance, make sure the controller is set to the OFF position before disconnecting from the outlet.

What is the recommended distance from surrounding walls?

  • Keep grill 24” (2 feet) away from walls and rails.

How do you recommend cleaning my grill?

  • Wash cooking grate with warm soapy water, rinse, and dry thoroughly. Edge also has an AUTO CLEAN setting for cleaning the grates.

Do I need to season my grill?

  • For stick-free cooking, apply a thorough coating of vegetable oil or vegetable oil-based spray to the cooking grate.

If I want to convert my grill from Fahrenheit to Celsius, what are the necessary steps?  

  • To convert to °C, hold down the control knob until the display changes to °C. Changing between °F and °C can only be done while the unit is “ON” and no temperature is set

Can I have other appliances sharing the same outlet as my grill?

  • Unplug any other electrical devices, like patio lights, powered by the exterior outlet/circuit breaker before plugging in your grill.

Can I add charcoal or wood chips to my grill for added flavor?

  • A charcoal fire will result, and the grill is not designed for charcoal. The fire will create an unsafe condition and damage the grill.