Griddle Frequently Asked Questions 


How many burgers will my grill hold?

  • Cook up to 30 burgers, 25 chicken breasts or 15 steaks.

What is the size of the griddle cooking surface?  

  • 570-square-inches cooking surface

How much does the grill weigh?

  • 103.6lbs in carton, 101.5lbs assembled.

Can this grill be converted to natural gas?

  • This grill is designed for use with LP gas only

What is the maximum load for the side burner?

  • 10 lbs. or no larger than a 6-quart pot.

How many BTU’s is this grill?

  • 36,000 BTU’s

Can it be converted to Natural Gas?

  • No, this grill cannot be converted into natural gas.

Do you have a cover for this griddle?

  • Yes, 8336564P06V.

What do I do if my grill is hard to light or the flame is weak?

  • Check and clean the venturis and burners. Spiders or small insects are known to create “flashback” problems by building nests and laying eggs in the grill’s venturi or burner, obstructing the flow of gas.

Is the inside of my griddle painted?

  • The lid and firebox for this griddle design is painted to protect it from rust. Only the griddle is a food contact surface.

Can I cook with the lid closed?

  • The griddle is not to be cooked on with the lid closed.


How much food can I grill at one time?

  • Up to 19 burgers, 8 chicken breasts or 5 steaks.

What type of propane tank is required for this griddle?

  • 1-pound propane gas bottle. This tabletop griddle can also be adapted for use with a 20lb LP tank using 7484633P04 CB Universal 4-foot hose and adapter. 

What cooking square footage is my grill?

  • 360-square-inch cooking surface.

How many BTU’s is this griddle?

  • 18,000 BTU rating