How to Cook on an Amplifire Grill

How to Cook on an Amplifire Grill

The Amplifire cooking system is an exciting new way to grill that dials up the control, the flavor and the possibilities. With this technology at your fingertips, there are no limits to the adventurous new foods and experiences you’ll discover.

What is Amplifire cooking technology?

The Amplifire cooking system takes your cookouts to another level for more confidence and juicier, flavor-packed food. Patented stainless-steel emitter plates over the gas burners and under the porcelain-coated cast-iron grates create a barrier between the flame and the food to deliver intense, even heat with no hot or cold spots. It eliminates guesswork and protects food from flare-ups while producing perfectly seared, juicier food.

How does an Amplifire grill work?

Traditional grills use convection currents to transfer heat to the air above the grates. In addition to the hot grates, this heated air cooks your food. Not only is a lot of energy is wasted to heat the surrounding air, heated air also contributes to drying out your food. Amplifire grills have an emitter plate that transfers heat from the burner directly to the grates while blocking the flames and preventing flare ups for juicier, more flavorful food. Amplifier grills waste very little energy resulting in lower fuel consumption. 

How do you use an Amplifire gas grill?

While open flame gas grills are relatively easy to use, the Amplifire cooking system makes grilling more fun and enjoyable. From novices venturing into the wonderful world of outdoor cooking to expert grillers experimenting with new techniques, you can grill confidently knowing your food will be juicy and delicious every time.

Before your first cook, take some time to read the manual to understand the features your new grill offers. There are a couple of key differences. For one, you’ll want to reduce the heat settings you normally use by approximately 30% and cut the cooking time by about half. You can grill with the lid open or closed. Grilling with the lid closed results in faster cooking times.

Can you grill with wood chips on an Amplifire gas grill?

Absolutely. Place wood chips directly on the grill grates or use a smoker box to hold the chips. Then preheat your grill on high, with the lid closed for 5 to 10 minutes. When the chips begin to smoke, lower the heat to your target temperature. For more details, read How to Smoke on an Amplifire Gas Grill.

What is the best way to cook a steak on this grill?

There are two options for grilling delicious steaks on your Amplifire grill. You can turn the grill up high and sear the steak first, then turn the heat down and finish cooking it at a low temperature, or you can cook it on low first and give it a quick reverse-sear for the big finish.

For the best results when grilling steaj, you need to pay close attention to the grill. Burgers, chops and steaks are usually cooked quickly at hot temperatures. So, you don't want to walk away from the grill once they're sizzling on the grates. Have all your preparations done before the food hits the grill and keep an eye on it.

What are some tips for using an Amplifire gas grill?

Think about your meal ahead of time and organize your food according to cooking times and techniques.


Start with a clean grill. Sear marks are best made on clean grill grates.


Apply a light coat of high-heat cooking oil to the grates, such as canola or peanut oil before and after grilling to make cleaning easier.


Coat each piece of meat, fish or poultry with a light coating of cooking oil.


Cook meats fully on one side, before turning it over to cook on the other side. With less chance of sticking to the grates, cooking fully before flipping produces those great sear marks and helps hold in the natural juices.


When using a sauce or glaze with a high sugar content, brush it on the food during the final ten minutes of cooking to prevent it from burning.

What are the primary advantages of Amplifire grills?

Amplifire grills use infrared technology that tames the flame, transferring the heat directly to the grill grates and the food on it, rather than heating the surrounding air. Cooking with hot air dries food out while infrared grilling preserves the juices in food.

No More Flare-Ups: Amplifire technology creates a barrier between the flames and your food to prevent flare-ups and avert burnt food and other grilling disasters.

No More Cold And Hot Spots: Amplifire cooking technology distributes heat evenly, eliminating hot and cold spots.

Faster Cooking Times: Amplifire grills generate focused heat that cooks food faster.

Better Grill Marks: Amplifire grills’ blazing hot grill grates are ideal for creating those impressive sear marks.

Not only is the Amplifire grill faster and hotter than conventional gas and charcoal grilling, it’s also more fuel efficient and the food is more flavorful.

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