SAFER Combo Grill Brush

Model #3715952R06

The Char-Broil® SAFER Combo Grill Brush is safer than economy metal-wire bristle brushes for cleaning your grill. This innovative dual-purpose brush features red, grit-infused nylon bristles that are tested to 15,000 cycles with no breakage or fallout. Use the nylon brush to clean cool grates and the wood scraper to clean hot grates, helping your grill last longer. With use, the edge of the wood scraper molds to the pattern of your grill grates for precision cleaning.

  • Bright red, nylon bristles are 5X thicker for high visibility

  • Wood scraper molds to hot grates with use

  • Rugged, grit-infused bristles for increased cleaning ability (no metal)

  • Laboratory-tested to 15,000 cycles with no breakage or fallout for durability

  • Use nylon brush on cool grates and wood scraper on hot grates

  • Hook for hanging when not in use

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