Char-Broil, LLC is committed to conducting business in a legal, ethical and responsible manner and supports efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking.

As part of its commitment, Char-Broil. maintains a sourcing policy containing evaluation and verification criteria for assessing certain vendors in its supply chain for risks of human trafficking and slavery. Vendors subject to the sourcing policy are assessed internally for compliance with all national and local employment and safety laws and regulations.

We arrange for the announced and semi- announced audit of facilities of selected vendors. Audits are performed by independent third- party auditors who specialize in social responsibility audits.

Each vendor that is subject to the sourcing policy is required to sign an agreement stating they are in compliance with the employment and social standard and business ethic requirements upheld by the company. The company may consider having suppliers provide an additional certification stating that the materials incorporated into the products they provide to us comply with the laws regarding slavery and human trafficking of the countries where they do business.

The company has a long standing practice of requiring in its model purchase agreements that its vendors comply with employment standards, including, but not limited to the prohibition of child labor and forced or involuntary labor. Additionally, the company holds its employees and vendors accountable through a Code of Conduct in the sourcing policy, among other internal accountability standards and procedures.

The company is considering awareness training for its employees on human trafficking and slavery, particularly with regard to mitigating risks within the product supply chain. We encourage team members that are aware of violations of the law or our standards or policies to notify their management or use the company’s anonymous internal reporting hotline.